Web Applications Development

Web Applications Development

Web Applications captures, processes and transmits all the data of visitors on the website. Submit fields, enquiry and login forms, shopping carts, and content management systems, are those website widgets that allow this to happen.
Therefore, those are fundamental to businesses for leveraging their online presence thus creating long-lasting and profitable relationships with prospects and customers.
In addition to customizing content for user groups, content can also be customized for presentation on any device connected to the internet, including PDAs, mobile phones, etc.


Simply put, Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.
Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, Online Training, Online Polls, Blogs, Online Forums, Content Management Systems, etc.

Web Applications Development in Dubai


The software on which your business runs can provide a wealth of data to determine how your business is performing.
One of the most basic types of Web application development involves e-commerce sites. This is the kind of website that a user sees when he shops online. Designers of these sites must anticipate all kinds of unusual customer behavior, as well as heavy traffic, while keeping the server and "shopping cart" up and running. Another kind of Web application development is used for Web-based office applications.
Many modern offices use the World Wide Web to conduct their business operations, including all manner of accounting and tracking functions. Conference calls via the Web are also popular, as are file transfers. Developers who work on these types of applications are often in high demand.


Zero install - all PCs have a browser, business costs - less time spent talking to customers over the phone; eliminate printed materials; allow users to update their own details. Centralised data is secure and easy to backup.
Software application will work with you Quick and easy updates. Reach anybody, anywhere in the world.


UCT is proficient in analyzing the customer's applications and systems and then re-engineering existing legacy stand-alone systems.
Our web application development Dubai expertise in providing web solutions and developing web applications will help clients get a competitive edge in the market.

UCT's Web Application Development Portfolio

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