Postal Marketing

Postal Marketing

Well targeted postal marketing campaigns (direct mail) will get your message in the right hands. It can provide businesses with the perfect means to communicating with a potential market.
It can involve a combination of several methods including direct mail marketing, direct response, mobile marketing, promotional letters, catalogs and personalized online advertising. It helps you to build relationships with new customers, Improve customer loyalty and to create new business.


Running an effective direct mail campaign is more about getting the science right than the inspiration. Success depends on continually testing and refining all the elements of a mailing, rather than necessarily having a flash of creative genius.
You must target your message at those most likely to respond to avoid wastage and increase response rates. Your hottest prospects are your existing customers. To drum up business from new sources, you need to identify people who match the profile of your existing customers.

Postal Marketing in Dubai


Physical media –AKA direct mail– left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.” In other words media that consumers can touch and feel resonated and touched more emotions than those of the digital variety.
Studies has shown that the channel that delivered the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C marketers was direct mail. Direct mail bypasses our antipathy for ubiquitous online ads, and puts the marketer’s message right in our hands.
The most successful campaigns are those that offer great value to clients and prospects. Rebates, coupons, sales, and bonuses are all smart ways to get customers through the doors..


Direct Mail you can add that personal touch and address your customers by name. You choose who you want mail to be sent to and when it will be sent. Direct Mail is more focused and targeted to individuals who will most likely respond to your offer.
Direct Mail gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign. Whether it’s counting the number of coupons redeemed, visits to custom landing pages, or inquiries generated. By tracking and analyzing results, you can see what is working and if any changes need to be made.


1. Target Your Audience: UCT Direct mail is a great way to focus your advertising efforts on a group of prospects who may be more likely to respond to your offer.
2. Get Measurable Results: We know what's working and what's not by tracking campaign's success.
3. Save Money on Marketing: You don't have to have a big marketing budget to use our Direct Marketing service.
4. Segmented Databases: To further refine the direct mail campaign.
5. Include samples: UCT Make your direct mail campaign even more persuasive by putting samples of your product right into people's hands.